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With a legacy steeped in the artistry of crafting spiral staircases, our team possesses a wealth of experience that transcends the ordinary.

We’ve not only designed these captivating architectural marvels, but we’ve also brought them to life in homes and spaces, each time infusing our projects with a unique blend of style and structural integrity.

From the delicate balance of aesthetics to the intricate precision required in installation and replacement, our mastery of spiral staircases ensures that every project becomes a testament to the timeless allure and functionality of these architectural wonders.

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Why Use Us?

Here at Spiral Staircases, our team can help you with all elements of your spiral staircases project, whether that project is renovations, installations or replacements.

Our team offer personable and easy-to-understand advice, comprehensive information and guides on all these aspects of our products and services to give customers peace of mind when going through the design and installation process.

We have an expert understanding of our customer’s needs, a superb level of service and a cost-effective approach which our clients have said is vital to our success.

Spiral Staircase Types We Offer

Here are the types of spiral staircases we install:

Metal Spiral Staircase

The threads of wood in a spiral stair wind around a central post in a spiral or helix shape. We would always suggest that building a spiral wood staircase is the best option in small spaces. A spiral timber staircase is also great for modern houses as it gives the space a nice, glamorous look.

Steel Spiral Staircases

In a steel, spiral staircases supported staircase, spiral stair, is constructed by using a single steel centre post forms the column with steel tapered treads arms bolted to the centre post forms the side treads.

Cast Iron Spiral Staircases

Cast Iron Spiral Stairs are a very popular choice for both interior and external applications and can be fitted in a full-diameter circular hole to enhance the floor height of the feature and save space.

Exterior Spiral Staircase

We offer a full range of wide variety range of external spiral staircases which are supplied and made to measure across the range of UK and beyond. They are constructed in mild steel and are custom supply made to the height and diameter required.

Loft Spiral Staircase

Loft Spiral Staircases are compact and can be fitted in places where other spiral staircases won’t go, for example in gaps in a corner location or in gaps next kit stairs next to gaps in a wall. The alternating threads take you up the flight of spiral stairs to your loft in about half the distance.

Space Saver Spiral Staircase

Space-saving spiral staircases are made from hard-wearing materials such as beech and timber, and they look absolutely stunning. Installing spiral stairs in place of a traditional main staircase is a great way to save floor space and enhance your home design.

Spiral Staircase Types We Offer

Wooden Spiral Staircase

The most popular style of spiral staircase combines both wooden treads with steel balusters to give a simple, elegant and contemporary spiral staircase design, but with the strength and durability to suit a busy home or business environment.

Oak Spiral Staircases

Oak Spiral staircases are constructed with 30-50mm solid oak treads either on a steel front treads under arm or cantilevering treads directly from upper floor to the upper floor in the centre column for safe access and a really open feel.

Stone Spiral Staircase

A stone spiral staircase is a 320°, self-supporting staircase made in solid limestone. Our team of experts will work with you during the design and installation process to make sure you have complete peace of mind.

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Spiral Staircase Costs

The average cost of a Wooden Spiral Staircase £4,000. The average cost of a Metal Spiral Staircase is £7,950.

The costs can vary depending on the size of the building regulations the room layout the staircase, the quality and complexity of the structure, building regulations, the building regulations, type and quality of supply of materials, access to the space and region.

Staircase Services We Offer

We offer a wide variety and extensive range of staircase services, listed below are the key aspects covered the services we offer and a little bit of information on each one. If you are looking to find out more information fill out the enquiry form and get in touch with our team of experts.

Spiral Staircase Design

The spiral staircase design process work with the client to conceptualise a spiral staircase tat seamlessly blends into the surrounding environment, exploring various materials, shapes treads and styles to achieve the desired look.

Spiral Staircase Installation

Spiral Staircase installations involve securely attaching the central column and winding steps, followed by the railings and handrails, all while adhering to safety standards.

Spiral Staircase Renovation

Our renovation experts carefully consider the structural integrity, safety enhancements, and design elements to ensure the staircase not only looks stunning but also meets the highest standards of safety and functionality.

Spiral Staircase Replacement

Spiral Staircase replacements usually involve removing the old spiral staircase and installing a new front stair, one that perfectly aligns with the building and modern design trends and functional requirements.

Where Are Spiral Staircases Installed?

You can expect to install a Spiral Staircase in a home’s foyer, a downstairs living room, open hallway, multi-level garage or another suitable area.

If you’re interested in having a spiral staircase fitted, please get in touch with us and we can help.

Spiral Staircases vs Regular Staircases

We understand that when it comes to choosing the type of staircase to choose for your property it is a difficult choice. You aren’t limited with your options either.

There are plenty of styles of both straight and spiral staircases to fit any taste and budget. Listed below we go through the pros and cons of both straight and spiral staircases:

Straight Staircases


More Accessible – If the person who is looking to purchase a new staircase has a mobility issue, we would suggest that straight staircases are the better option, we would also do the same if you have young children.

Faster Installation – Straight stairs are much easier, quicker and cheaper to install, they may be the more practical choice when renovation your home.

Simple Design – Straight staircases are very minimal but still beautiful, and there are a wide variety of ways to make the design classic or contemporary.

Moving Furniture – It is much easier to carry large, bulky items up straight stairs, when it comes to stairs and having a staircase in a family home, straight staircases are the preferred option.


Space – Straight stairs, Staircases and spiral stairs will take up much more space saving you room.

Open Plan – Straight stairs reduce privacy between the upstairs and downstairs, which might not work for you if the stairs lead to the upper floor of more room for building a studio or loft bedroom.

Spiral vs Regular Staircases

Spiral Staircases


It Saves Space – A spiral staircase take up less floor space. This space-saving move is a massively important factor beneficial in an era of record property prices, where you may have limited space in your property.

It’s Stylish – Spiral staircases bring a unique element to any property. If your house has period features, a spiral staircase is a great way to accentuate that look.

There Are Options For Every Budget – It is possible to get expensive, high-end spiral staircases, there are also low-cost options which are easy and quick to install.


Safety – Spiral stairs and spiral stair-cases typically have triangular steps, with spiral stairs meaning you must tread carefully. That makes them much more of a safety issue for younger children or people with mobility problems.

Practicality – When transporting furniture up and down stairs. You may have to use the more expensive option of using an upstairs window to transport furniture up and down stairs.

Storage – It is common in a family home to use both the space on top of stair well of spiral stairs and under area of stair well of straight stairs for storage. Some stairs usually offer enough space for a small office area. But you won’t have that amount range of storage with a spiral staircase.

What is a Spiral Staircase?

A spiral staircase is a structure that is built around a central post tat acts as an axis for its steps. The origin of this type of spiral stair meets the spiral staircase compared, which dates all the way back to the Middle Ages.

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Benefits of a Spiral Staircase

There are many benefits of a Spiral Staircase, listed below are some of the key benefits we have found from our clients:

They save space

Spiral staircases don’t require as much space as the linear staircase. They optimise space on floor and space-saving potential. A top-quality spiral staircase will help you solve two problems at the same time, you can save floor space and also make a bold design statement in living space.


Spiral Staircases make a lovely feature both in houses and small flats. You can usually find them in designer homes as they combine functionality with style. They also offer an excellent view and a different perspective on the room layout and the surrounding living space.

Easy to install

Spiral wood staircases are typically easier to assemble than building regular wood stairs. Most spiral wood staircases typically come in a full spiral stair and top kit which is ready to assemble with instructions, we have heard from our clients that they are easy to set up.

Benefits of a Spiral Staircase

They can combine different materials

Depending on whether you prefer a solid steel structure supporting balusters featuring wooden threads or plastic-coated steel balusters with non-slip panels, it is up to you entirely what combination fits the best to suit your interior design requirements.

They are functional and safe

Spiral spiral staircases in the UK are all have to comply with British Standards and The Building Regulations.

11 Stairs can mean danger to very little children and the elderly, but with spiral staircases, if users fall on a spiral staircase, they are much safer climb much less likely to fall all the way down to the floor, because the curve of the spiral stairs, will break their fall.


Spiral staircases come with a wide range of designs and materials which are available, you will be able to customise and create a spiral staircase that is perfect for your own home design.

They add value to your property

Spiral and spiral staircases are supported and are highly appreciated by architects around the globe and designers for the space-saving that they can create and for their dynamic forms.

They are great for functionality and safety which is one of the unique selling points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are many of the frequently asked questions we receive about the spiral staircases we offer:

Do I Have Enough Room for a Spiral Staircase?

The diameter of required room for the handrail of a spiral staircase is a 100mm larger diameter than the diameter of the space-saving the handrail of the widest part of the spiral staircase. This diameter typically gives you a knuckle gap clearance between the handrail and the edge of the spiral stair that meets the floor or any surrounding walls.

What Determines How My Spiral Staircase Rotates?

Your finished floor-to-floor height will determine how many steps, or spiral stair treads and top threads, are in your spiral stairs and spiral staircases supported, and also the rotation of your bottom spiral stairs and stair treads.

spiral staircases FAQS'

Do I Need Planning Permission For a Spiral Staircase?

No, it usually isn’t needed to get planning permission for a spiral staircase.


If you are looking for a team of experts to help or advise you on your staircase installation journey. Our team can help and prepare you for any hiccups along the way.

If you want to find out more information about the services we offer, fill out the enquiry form to talk with us so we may offer you more information on everything we can do.

We look forward to hearing from you about building and looking after your spiral staircases, giving you ultimate peace of mind and great advice to aid you during the design and installation process.

If you have any questions in regard to the content on this website, please contact our team of experts for any clarification or guidance.

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"I had my worn-out spiral staircase renovated, and the transformation is incredible! The team completely revitalised my staircase, making it look brand new. They paid great attention to detail and craftsmanship. The entire process was efficient, and the final result exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their spiral staircase renovation services to anyone looking to breathe new life into their home!"

Curtis Russell
Greater London

"I recently had a spiral staircase installed in my home, and I am thrilled with the outcome. The installation team was professional, punctual, and skilled in their work. They took care of every aspect, from planning to execution, and the end result is stunning. The new spiral staircase compared have not only enhances the aesthetics of my space but also adds functionality. I'm extremely satisfied with the spiral staircase installation service I received. It's a fantastic addition to my home!"

Finlay Macdonald
Greater London

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